Branding design for the International Animation Film Festival ANNECY, focused on the idea of discovering and opening the doors of animation to all the people attending the festival.


With the idea of opening the door to all the people in the festival, we decided to incorporate that action, in one way or another, in every element of the visual identity system. We did some research on the current competition, the brand identity from the past editions of the festival, established a new target and brand values:

  • creativity and colorful
  • dynamism
  • adaptability
  • friendly and bold

With all the information gather we came up with the concept of «discover/discovering», discovering within the animation world, the festival and yourself. We wanted to create a brand identity that reflected the diverse and fun side of the animation.


We created a branding design system for ANNECY, that unites all kinds of animation: stop-motion, 2D, 3D, motion graphics, etc., into one system, but at the same time it differentiate from one and other. That was one of the main reasons for the use of 6 different color, apart from making it colorful and fun.

Another way we strengthen the concept and brand values was with the use of the typeface Kabel, a bold but quirky and full of personality kind of font, however we modify it a bit, we rounded the corners of the characters, to fit even more our concept, make it more friendly. We wanted the style of animation to shine in all the different applications of the brand, therefore some of designs for the posters, and merchandising have a more slight minimal design.

In colaboration with: Leonor Roncal and Marc Ramón Blasco

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