Branding design for MEXT STEP, a company that organized the «Tour Nacional Mexicano de Traitlón», a triathlon competition held in 13 different cities around Mexico. Each city with its own brand identity that combines tourism and sports, and the best way to merge these two is with adrenaline.


All the branding is targeted to triathletes that always like to be active in any kind of way, like competitions or traveling to different places that challenge them in some time of shape or form.

The naming of the brand came from the combination of Mexico and next step, because the triathletes are always on the move, always looking what to do next.

Each city was assigned a color that represent it, for example:

  • Teal for Cozumel because is a city famous for it beaches.
  • Purple for Mexico City because is a metropolitan city.
  • Orange for Mérida because it’s know as the city of the sun.


The design was inspired by the movement and trail an athlete leaves while doing a competition or any activity that involves adrenaline, as well as the excitement you’ll get touring and exploring each city. To create impact and presence to the brand, the font used is Akzidenz Grotesk, a clean and straightforward typeface. For the slogan of the brand and campaign the vowels are modified (stretch) to strengthen the concept of MEXT STEP and give dynamism to the branding.

Because each city is assigned a color to represent it, the images and the global visual identity of the brand are in black and white, the reason behind this decision is to make each city shine on its own and to not be extremely overwhelming for the people, but at the same time to create cohesiveness between each city.

Brand activation


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