Branding design concept for the Italian company VIBRAM. Concept focused more on young fashion lovers that want to stand out, love to be different and are boldly unconventional. For a new approach to the brand, give an edge to it and distinguished the new visual identity, I decided to remove the i from VIBRAM, but kept its original pronunciation.


VIBRAM’s shoes have been on the high fashion scene for quite a while, however the brand’s current target and position is mainly sports. Therefore, after doing thorough marketing research, getting insights and trends, I found out that the fashion industry could be a great market for the brand to approach and have a new positioning, giving VIBRAM a new side to them, a more unique, out of the ordinary and unexpected brand identity.


Having all the information in mind, VBRAM’s new brand identity was focused on being different, to make their customers feel confident and help them stand out. With new brand values like daring, stand out and innovative VBRAM’s new image was reflected through the use of vibrant colors like hot pink and electric blue.

Creating a shift on the brand’s image and modernizing it, drive the visual image and concept for VBRAM. I decided to strengthen this by literally shifting the images on the design of the posters and also by incorporating this idea of moving, changing and being different in the design of the logo. As well for the creation of the slogan «staying out of the box» and the brand campaign slogan «be…, be vbram» , the goal was to bring that new attitude and creating an statement with the new branding.

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