Experimental packaging design that pays tribute to a typist who passed away but whose work still lives. A character from the font Clarendon, r, was chosen and the concept of the pack is to represent a gunpowder barrel.


The font chosen was Clarendon, a font released by the Fann Street Foundation in 1845 and designed by Robert Besley, this popular typeface represents a change from other slab serif of it’s time.

Clarendon became hugely popular, leading Beasley to patent the design, it also entered pop-culture history in terms of the type of font used in certain noted environments. One being the wild west in North America (i.e. «wanted» or «reward» signs) and other, where Clarendon variants took on a circus look.

For the creation of this packaging some of the materials that I used where:

  • Balsa wood
  • Plywood
  • Gunpowder
  • Aluminum
  • Coffee to stain the paper for the poster


The idea of this experimental packaging is to represent a gunpowder barrel, i.e. the outer pack is the barrel and the letter inside is the gunpowder. And on the inside of the pack you can find a small «wanted» poster with some information about Robert Besley and the typeface Clarendon.

The art direction of the photographs of the pack was meant to create a story with them, from the first moment you start to interact with the pack, open it, to the point in which you have the experience of setting on fire the gunpowder r and feel your in the wild west.