Packaging design for AZADIA, a range of 100% natural and nutritious green juices that seek to transport its consumer to the jungles and paradisaical islands of Mexico. In its delicious wild orange, mixed berry and exotic guava flavors.


I wanted to create a brand and packaging for green juices for all the people that like to be active and healthy, but at the same time it felt that the juices where a treat, a vacation for them. Therefore the illustrations for the label where heavily inspired by the jungles and islands from the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and because the flavors of the juices are more unique and exotic I designed the label to reflected that. I paired each flavor with is corresponding fruit color and a contrasting color for the information on the label. To give the brand this premium and deluxe look and feel, the lettering for AZADIA is very stylized, with refine and organic lines, and paired with a font that is more simple and easy to read, creating a contrast with the rest of the elements in the illustration.

Wild orange

Mixed berry

Exotic guava

Lettering & sketches