New eco packaging design for Spanish brand Florette’s ready-to-eat meals, targeted to young adults that don’t have time to have a proper meal but are worry about the environment. The concept was created on the idea to show more of Florette’s human side and give a more warming and approachable look & feel to the brand.


For the design of this project the first thing done was learn about the brand, the consumers, competition, etc. And through the research, interviews and other strategies following the design thinking process, I found 3 very valuable insights that helped me developed the design for Florette.

  1. The ergonomics of the pack and shape of it have a huge impact on the customers at the time of deciding what product to buy.
  2. Volume-content ratio of the original design is not optimal because it makes it difficult to use, carry and discard.
  3. The current position and size of the label blocks the view of the ingredients, and that’s something many customers take time to do.


The concept for the design was inspired by Florette’s relationship with their farmers and employees, the idea to show Florette’s human side and give the customers the feeling that Florette takes care of you.
With the new volume of the packaging I was able to reduce it 15% from the original shape, making a great impact on the environmental approach that this project have. To keep strengthening the eco side of the design, the materials for the pack are recycled paper for the label, sugar cane bagasse for the container and wood pulp film, all of which are materials that are compostable and biodegradable.

To give that human side feel to the design, the design of the label have simple hand drawn illustrations, organic shapes, first person tone of voice throughout the design and brand campaign, and small phrases that appeal of how appetizing the salad is.

Goat cheese & Chicken teriyaki variety

Brand activation

Supermarket launch display