Etiqueta: Graphic design

  • UX/UI Design YAP YAP

    YAP YAP SUMMARY YAP YAP is an app designed to increase the happiness of the elderly. A space that unites people with the same hobbies and interests through communities that promote an active lifestyle and new friendships. PROCESS For the creation of the app I did a series of research methodologies to design it according […]

  • Packaging Design Azadia

    AZADIA SUMMARY Packaging design for AZADIA, a range of 100% natural and nutritious green juices that seek to transport its consumer to the jungles and paradisaical islands of Mexico. In its delicious wild orange, mixed berry and exotic guava flavors. PROCESS/RESULT I wanted to create a brand and packaging for green juices for all the […]

  • Branding Design Annecy

    ANNECY SUMMARY Branding design for the International Animation Film Festival ANNECY, focused on the idea of discovering and opening the doors of animation to all the people attending the festival. PROCESS With the idea of opening the door to all the people in the festival, we decided to incorporate that action, in one way or […]

  • Branding Design Vbram

    VBRAM SUMMARY Branding design concept for the Italian company VIBRAM. Concept focused more on young fashion lovers that want to stand out, love to be different and are boldly unconventional. For a new approach to the brand, give an edge to it and distinguished the new visual identity, I decided to remove the i from […]

  • Packaging Design Epitaphion

    EPITAPHION Summary Experimental packaging design that pays tribute to a typist who passed away but whose work still lives. A character from the font Clarendon, r, was chosen and the concept of the pack is to represent a gunpowder barrel. Process The font chosen was Clarendon, a font released by the Fann Street Foundation in […]

  • Branding Design MEXT STEP

    MEXT STEP Summary Branding design for MEXT STEP, a company that organized the «Tour Nacional Mexicano de Traitlón», a triathlon competition held in 13 different cities around Mexico. Each city with its own brand identity that combines tourism and sports, and the best way to merge these two is with adrenaline. Process All the branding […]