YAP YAP is an app designed to increase the happiness of the elderly. A space that unites people with the same hobbies and interests through communities that promote an active lifestyle and new friendships.


For the creation of the app I did a series of research methodologies to design it according to my users needs, for example, creating a user persona and journey map, interviewing senior adults and get their input, assessing the competition and finding out what was in the market. And with all the information I gathered I found interesting insights to what challenges and needs my users have:

  • Talking and having someone they can interact with is something they would like to do more often.
  • They rather do activities on the outside and feel the fresh air.
  • They like to do activities on their own, but prefer when they are group activities and with people of the same age.

With all the insights and research I create my user persona, which is «Jacinta, a full of energy 72 years old retired and widow teacher. She needs to be able to talk about her hobbies and activities with other people because she wants to feel accompanied and that she’s not lonely».

And the 2 main goals established for YAP YAP are, new friendships: make YAP YAP a safe and simple platform for people to meet, and active lifestyle: create a community that encourages people to learn new skills and stimulates their body and minds.


YAP YAP is designed to make its users feel close to each other and the app. A friendly, easy to use and trust app with elements, icons, images, etc., big enough to use, with icons that have a label on it so the user can know what they are. A color palette that’s warn, friendly and easy on the eyes, and a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. Big, bold and readable typefaces, as well as few elements as possible.

Logo & app icon